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  • Monday, November 27, 2006


    Apparently the latest greatest thing that will surely grace the beaches of Dubai will be the Burkhini.

    Supposedly, a mixture between a burkha and a bikini,(although some aliken it to an old fashioned swimsuit) this will allow those ladies who don't wish to share the view of their flesh to the 'toms', to partake in water activity. While this might not put an end to the perhaps odd sight of full abayas floating in the sea, it might change the landscape of the ladies beach or ladies day at Wild Wadi. We have mentioned the sports hijab before, which originated from the Netherlands. This culturally sensitive attire comes from Oz. Good on ya mate.

    From Ahiida - Dynamic Swimwear and sportswear for today's Muslim Female.

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    moryarti said...

    and what happens when it gets wet?

    Anonymous said...

    shhh. you'll give the game away.
    it's like extreme wet t-shirt.

    Anonymous said...

    how queer

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