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  • Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Strategic Investment in People

    Buy People and hold.

    Whether you believe that we are getting close to this situation in the UAE or elsewhere in the world (Indeed, we may already be there), please consider sign the slavery business as usual petition. Signing the petition will help to raise the issue at the UN. Also, please forward the website to as many people as possible. We've been guaranteed by the Julia Ormond, the Goodwill Ambassador for Slavery and Human Trafficking to the UN, that if we get 20,000 names from the petition, modern slavery will be raised in the UN Security Council. This would be a huge feat and would ensure massive awareness
    and change in this arena.

    Slavery Business as Usual Petition

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    Spam from Dubai

    With competition comes spam, with offers, marketing and general rubbish. Sometimes this infuriates me and I chose to find out how I can get off this mailing list. No doubt I will be fighting a lost cause because no one really polices this area and users details are sold for a few fils.

    I received some trash today about some medical training in Dubai, which is obviously nothing to do with me. I draw your attention to the last line.


    Dear Doctor,

    Welcome and thank you for supporting our programs, we constantly and carefully upgrade these programs to help you progress in your profession .All our courses and programs are conducted by some of the top names in the world of Medicine. Please click the course below and browse the details. If you have any suggestion kindly email to us at XXXXX

    ETC. ETC.

    Your email address have been supplied to through the public data bases managed by our marketing company, we do apologize if this causes you any incontinence.

    Of course, with this being a spam about doctor training, this line could have crept in as a little in joke. But, knowing Dubai, it probably wasnt.

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    Monday, November 12, 2007

    Heard the one about the Fullbright Scholar getting detained?

    We all heard about the story of Syed Ali, the Fulbright Scholar getting interviewed by the secret police of Dubai, last year. The Guardian of the UK covers it in a story entitled 'You must come with us'.

    Syed Ali was in Dubai interviewing expatriate workers for a book. The day before he was due to leave, six strangers arrived at his flat and took him to the police compound. A 13-hour interrogation lay ahead ...

    'You must come with us'
    Letter to Prime Minister Shaikh Maktoum (UAE)

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