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  • Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Dubai & Abu Dhabi Rents in 2008

    There is a shortage of quality housing in the Capital Emirate with an influx of expats. Historically, Abu Dhabi rents have been relatively high, but are now escalating at a furious level. And while cityscape highlighted numerous plans for the housing, there seems to be only one way up, for Abu Dhabi rents. Think of the Dubai rate 3 years ago, and double it. With no minimal supply and increasing demand, is this going to cause rental rates at a crazy level in Abu Dhabi by the end of the year.

    Vote in our poll:

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    Thursday, May 15, 2008

    Maps of Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    We have put together a selection of maps of Abu Dhabi and maps of Dubai for those looking to locate where things are. They range from both google maps to the governmental ones. The new Abu Dhabi map from Belhane is particularly impressive.

    Maps of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE

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    Thursday, May 08, 2008

    Arab Superheroes

    We have covered the 99 before but it appears that there are more on the horizon, and in the not too distant future it is not crazy to think that you could have an Arab Batman V Superman type mashup all backed by the Marvel, who of course are setting up a theme park in Dubai.

    So when a man has a dream:

    Mr Bakhit not only honed his drawing skills, but he also developed his first story, a tale about a gang of Arab children in the year 2050. He became increasingly convinced there was not only a market for his stories and characters but that there was a real hunger among young Arabs for indigenous content and for home-grown superheroes who would speak to their aspirations and talk in their language.

    ....a superhero will be born.

    It looks like it will be Kuwait V Jordan in the first of the Arab superhero wars. Lets hope that whoever wins, Teshkeel or Aranim that this is a new era.

    A comic-book hero for the Arab world

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    Wednesday, May 07, 2008

    Camel Currency Markets

    In years gone by, camels would be traded in the desert as a form of currency. "I will reward you with 1000 camels" or phrases of such nature. Whether at this point in time, actual camels were used or the promise of camels is not known, but either way, the camel has a sort of value of currency, bartering or otherwise.

    These days, camels are traded in the the camel markets, either as a sort of livestock for their meat, their milk and increasingly, for their supposedly health camel milk ice scream. (Go to Al Ain to see them traded) They are also used in racing, not jockeyed by kids any more, but by the robojockeys.

    With the increase in the price of oil, something else is happening:

    As the cost of running gas-guzzling tractors soars, even-toed ungulates are making a comeback, raising hopes that a fall in the population of the desert state’s signature animal can be reversed.

    “It’s excellent for the camel population if the price of oil continues to go up because demand for camels will also go up,” says Ilse K√∂hler-Rollefson of the League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development. “Two years ago, a camel cost little more than a goat, which is nothing. The price has since trebled.”

    Interesting times for those with camels, who have endured years of camel snorts.

    Camel demand soars

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