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  • Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    The lure of opportunity

    Why do people leave their regular 9-5 in the west and move to the UAE? Because there is a chance. A chance to do more, a chance to take a step up, a chance to be more than just a number.

    For willing employees, an international assignment may be a chance to show what they are capable of. That was how things turned out for Mike Lewis, an architect at Benoy, who so impressed bosses with his initiative after moving to Abu Dhabi that they promoted him to divisional director. “In London, I was doing OK,” he says. “Here, I bring in new business and work on projects with budgets that before I could only have dreamt about.”

    The lure of opportunity

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    Build It And They Will Learn

    For the education has hovvered as a topic that is always important but never tackled in much detail. Undoubtedly, it is hugely important for education to underpin growth. One need only look at the importance of education in China where failure to do well will lead to a life much different to those who may spearhead the global growth. The UAE is different with a relatively small population, but the scale of investment is huge.

    Indeed, the existing partnerships represent just the tip of the iceberg. Since last year, Qatar, with a population of less than a million, has begun spending $1.5 billion a year on scientific education and research. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, recently started a $10 billion foundation—in one of the largest charitable donations in history —to "develop world-class knowledge" in the region. His emirate, along with Abu Dhabi and Qatar, is building multibillion-dollar science and technology parks to jump-start research efforts. Abu Dhabi is also pouring millions of dollars into an ambitious book-publishing project, hoping to almost triple the number of books published in Arabic every year—from about 300 to about 800—and translating up to 500 books annually, starting with authors like Milton Friedman, Stephen Hawking and, perhaps most surprisingly, Isaac Bashevis Singer.

    Indeed, education will underpin growth in years to come.

    Build It And They Will Learn

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    Monday, August 18, 2008

    Balancing Iran and the USA

    Abu Dhabi and Dubai live in conflict in balancing the relations between Iran and USA, ith the latest AP article is to be believed:

    The balancing act associated with trying to accommodate the U.S. and Iran has enabled Dubai and Abu Dhabi to "play good cop, bad cop,"

    But now Dubai's massive trade with Iran and liberal Western outlook are becoming liabilities for the U.S.-friendly capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, which is under pressure from Washington to isolate the Islamic republic.

    However, what the USA may want may not be in the best interest of the UAE, which is spearheading stability in the Gulf for a new age. Getting the balance right is crucial to the future of the UAE.

    UAE cities at odds over lifestyle

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