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  • Sunday, April 17, 2011

    Abu Dhabi Ebook

    Thank you all for the support in buying the Abu Dhabi travel guide. We reached #1 in the Middle East travel sections on Amazon which was amazing. We also managed to get some great press in the National as well as elsewhere, which was an added bonus.

    For those of you that have bought the guide, many thanks. If you have bought the ebook, then do email us and we will enter you into our prize draw for amazon vouchers. We close the competition at the end of April. We will also be increasing the price at that point.

    For more information on the draw see our original post about the Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

    You can find the ebook on Amazon by looking for Abu Dhabi Travel Guide on Amazon.com

    (or here if you are in the UK : Abu Dhabi Travel Guide on Amazon.co.uk )

    Or you can find the ebook on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk by searching for "grapeshisha"

    We hope that you found the Abu Dhabi Ebook useful. More interesting things to come! Stay tuned!

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    Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    Arab Youth Unemployment

    There's the pension timebomb and there is the Arab Youth Explosion. The former is happening. The latter will be a problem from a work availability perceptive for many years to come.

    Although not covering the UAE specifically, this report compiled with mckinsey is important. Read it here: e4earabyouth


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    The Real Emirates Palace

    When the Emirates Palace Hotel first opened, for a good few years there were emails being sent round of the hotel proposing it to be the new palace of the Sheikh, sometimes the "Sheikh of Dubai", sometimes of Abu Dhabi and sometime the Emir of the Emirates. For those that knew that the Emirates Palace was a hotel, this was a tad amusing. But the fact was that the Emirates Palace felt like a palace - and sometimes it still does.

    But now, the real Emirates Palace is to be built. The Presidential Palace project was awarded last year - and pictures have surfaced of what it could like. Located next to the Emirates Palace in Ras Al Khor, the new palace will cover a total built-up area of 220,000 sq m between the existing presidential palace and the Emirates Palace Hotel. That is huge.

    Here are the depictions:

    Who knows whether they are real or not, but some started surfacing in 2009. This is how the site looks now:

    Should be complete in 2015. But it's goodbye to the Abu Dhabi ladies Beach. ;< - and it has been for much time.

    More from Curbed

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    Thursday, April 07, 2011

    Beirut V Heathrow

    We may have been the last to see it, but we love this rework on a theme. Love the Dabke twist. The t-mobile version works for the UK market and the Dabke works for Arabia. Fabulous.

    Which one do you prefer?


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