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  • Thursday, April 12, 2012


    Over the years we have brought to you camel milk chocolate, the benefits of it, and camel milk ice cream - and now we bring you the camelccino. Your coffee heaven with a splash of double hump juice. Don't be afraid, Starbucks aren't changing their mocha frapuccino any time soon. Actually the news that CNN reported on 2 days ago, isn't really news, as it's been on the menu for some time, most notably at the Emirates Palace. And camel milk can be purchased in most supermarkets. (it's a little bitter though).

    Camel milk has been a staple for Bedouins for centuries, but it has never before been produced in scale or used commercially in this way. For Emiratis, it is a way of combining local pride with a healthy option. Camel milk is lower in fat and higher in Vitamin C than cow's milk, according to scientists."In the milk are all the vitamins, all the minerals, fat, carbohydrates, that you need for daily life," said Ulrich Wernery, scientific director of the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory. 

    But can you see it being staple? Camel milk on its own tastes a little weird in my humble opinion, but mikes it up with an espresso and you certainly wont have the hump. Next time you are at the Emirates Palace, try one - it's 35 AED. 

    Forget cappuccino, Dubai drinkers get a taste for camel-ccino

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