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  • Monday, April 09, 2012

    Star Trek Dubai

    The recent announcement that the life sized starship enterprise project has been scrapped sounded like a story that could have come from Dubai - but it's in fact a project that was penned for Las Vegas. That's somewhat ironic given how Dubai was likened to Las Vegas when it was growing over the last 10 years. Either way, the project has been given the no go. From theVerge:

    You'd think Las Vegas was ostentatious enough already, but details have emerged of a canceled project that would have rivaled Sin City's gaudiest excesses — a full-sized reconstruction of the Starship Enterprise. The model would have featured a fully-modeled interior with tours of famous rooms and locations, and there were also plans to have Star Trek-themed live shows inside. Designer Gary Goddard's $150 million concept actually won a competition put on by the city in 1992 to find a new attraction for Vegas' downtown area, but ultimately got denied by Paramount's COO Stanley Jaffe who was worried about damage to the brand should the project not have been a success.

    The worry that Paramount's COO had was that it would be a flop! As all trekkies know, this would almost become a pilgrimage site!

    Let's do this.

    I still think something like this has legs and could work. It is a great idea - and I think it would work amazingly in Dubai. After all, Dubai has put its hat in the game for the culture card - and what a great tribute to modern day culture. The only thing that could trump something like this with the tech geek type demographic is Star Wars (maybe that's something else worth pursuing?) This also ties into Dubai being a tourist hub - imagine the number of trekkies who would visit annually.

    The next thing is how do we convince Stanley that this is not going to damage brand. I think we can time limit the attraction to 10 years, which will give a large enough return - and if successful, build out further. With money and backing, this has a very low chance of failure, and I'm sure everyone is looking for a sure bet in this climate. And the other thing about brand. If there is ever a place that had managed to maintain itself despite the criticism, it's Dubai. It ain't going away over night and despite the crisis - the place is still a tourist hub with a high end skew.

    Anyway, I would like to broker the deal with whoever is in charge? Can someone hook me up? If not - live long and prosper - and I'll continue dreaming. 

    More reasons from the architect of the idea, Gary Goddard

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