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  • Friday, January 25, 2013

    Arabs in Paris

    Son's of Yusuf - from 2 of Arabia's Most Wanted. If you like Jay-Z and the rap game. If you like the original, you'll love some of the adaptation of the lyrics. "She said Ya’koob “Can we get married at the Mosque?” I told her look you need to put on a Hijab...Anyway - parental advisory and all that - it's a rap song y'know: 

    Here's a full analysis of the lyrics and the video from the Kuwait crew.

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    Saturday, January 05, 2013

    Fresh Prince of Dubai

    Actually it's the Fresh Prince of Emirates Hills, but very amusing. Some weekend fun. Enjoy! (HT AD Living)

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    Thursday, January 03, 2013

    Another Abu Dhabi Blog

    It's the new year - and everyone has resolutions. And we all have intentions. Intentions are wonderful. You intend to do things, and there is commitment, but there is no guarantee. There is a new blog on the scene. It has intentions. Yes, Abu Dhabi has a new blog. It's called Another Abu Dhabi Blog. There's not much on it (it began on the first of January). Just so you know and so we are clear - the blog will be about Abu Dhabi, no taxi musings, no detail on family holidays, instagramming food. The blog will just be about Abu Dhabi. The intention is that there will be one post per day. One post per day for one year. 

    The blog has potential, we like the first couple of posts. And we look forward to the commitment - and another view of the capital city. We hope there are no excuses for missing a day! Enjoy!

    Another Abu Dhabi Blog: anotherabudhabiblog.blogspot.com 

    Happy New Year.

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