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  • Monday, February 11, 2013

    Baku is the new Dubai

    There have always been pretenders, but when they have money, anything can happen. And Baku is only 3 hours from Dubai. Hello Azerbaijan:

    Ibrahimov went straight to his architects and said, “Draw this exactly the way I did.” Avesta Concern, the company that governs his various business interests, subsequently commissioned the blueprints for Ibrahimov’s vision. The result will be a sprawling, lobster-shaped development called Khazar Islands — an archipelago of 55 artificial islands in the Caspian Sea with thousands of apartments, at least eight hotels, a Formula One racetrack, a yacht club, an airport and the tallest building on earth, Azerbaijan Tower, which will rise 3,445 feet.

    Azerbaijan Is Rich. Now It Wants to Be Famous.

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    Knowing Aviation as a career

    The airline industry is one that many of our readers come to search for on our site. I think we have been mentioned by some aviation sites as recommendations for Dubai. And it becomes important for people considering their career as the pattern of one's life is the result of the career path chosen and career decisions taken. A vision of the career in mind is indeed needed to set the goals for today and tomorrow. In today's scenario of cut throat competition, just the factor of intelligence is often seen as incapable of providing the adequate heights, instead one should set a definite career path and walk on the road of success with it.

    There is no dearth of distinct careers, which provide the opportunities to make  it big. If you have the skill and the right career vision, you can certainly build a great career. One career which is on each and every individual's mind these days is a career in aviation. The prime reason for a large number of individuals focusing on this industry is that, apart from the positions which require an extensive amount of education and experience as the eligibility criterion, there are several job positions which just require a high school diploma to step in.

    Let's delve further into a career in the aviation industry. What different sorts of jobs are present in the industry of aviation? There is a plethora of jobs present in the industry. Aviation is one industry which offers lucrative jobs for each and everyone. It depends upon the individual how he or she reaps in the opportunity to generate an attractive career. The jobs available are airline jobs, air traffic controller, ground support careers, airport jobs and the most sought after pilot careers. The above mentioned career paths require a significantly different level of eligibility in terms of education and experience. For instance, to become a commercial pilot, there is a need of great experience in terms of flying hours.

    What are airport jobs? If you visit any airport, the most common sight is people bustling here and there to buy tickets, board the flights and lastly exiting from the different terminals. A high level of management is required in such a scenario, to ensure efficiency and safety of both the passengers as well as their baggage. The airport staff undertake the responsibility to manage the show.

    What are the basic duties performed under the airport jobs? The basic duties which come under the scope of the airport staff includes conducting security checks, loading as well as unloading of the baggage of the passengers, monitoring the arrivals as well departures of the flights. The duties of the staff vary in accordance with the particular norms of the airport, for instance the Dubai airport jobs, include distinct personnel to handle the administrative and mechanics to ensure that the behind the scenes endeavors are completed hassle free.

    What personal traits make one tailor made for jobs at airport? The job requirement for this job position, apart from the formal training and education is the ability to connect with different genre of people. The candidate must possess a great level of confidence and a command over the language. The candidate should have the inner appeal to display a calm, pleasant and patient attitude in certain heated situations both with the customers and colleagues. 

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