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  • Welcome to the Order of Never Hide
  • Tuesday, June 17, 2014

    Welcome to the Order of Never Hide

    When I first heard about the mysterious movement “The Order of Never Hide”, I was intrigued to find out more about this ‘secretive non secret society’. Within moments I signed up and completed the challenges. I felt so accomplished, I was now part of a group with like – minded, fun, adventurous and inspiring people. Becoming part of the Order makes me look at the world with more confidence so if you are the type to enjoy NEVER HIDING, sign up now. 

    You may think I’m not making any sense and it is hard trying to describe this concept so the only real way of getting closer to the meaning is to sign up yourself…seriously - you will NOT regret it! Take a minute of your busy schedules and click on the following link: www.ray-ban.com/orderofneverhide

    By completing five simple challenges, you will have the chance to win a fantastic trip to London, UK with a friend of your choice and be VIP guests at one of the most amazing parties EVER in celebrating your allegiance to the Order and your brave, bold, Never Hide spirit. This prize will be one of the most the most exciting trips you’ll ever experience – so sign up now! www.ray-ban.com/orderofneverhide. Thanks, and the best of luck. Peace.

    Watch the video to know more about the challenges:

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